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I'm your secret admirer

I never fall in love to some one else beside my soulmate,..But all messed up that when I see you,...
I only met 2 time with you,..But I allready love you from the first sight,.. 
you are so “Male”…with your dark skin and your charming smile,.. you 'deeply hipnotize me,..but you're far above in the sky, while I was at the bottom of the earth, you are very un-reach-able,..escpecially your belong to someone else and so do I,....
I realize, that really forbidden for me to love you, .. but allow me to be "Your Secret Admirer”

... if you understand what I mean is you, .. and if you accept my unusual love, ..please give me a sign,..email me... I promise to keep our secrets in every grain of my blood .. and I'll give you the beauty of forbidden love ...

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